Laser Fiber Repair ST600F

Broken laser fiber connector D80

In this sample that our customer sent in for repair, we can see that the ST600F connector is crooked and the fiber connector D80 head is broken. In this case, the Laser fiber inside is also likely to be broken. Usually this damage is caused by accidental tripping over the Laser Fiber or accidental pulling on the fiber.

Once the Laser fiber is received at our facility, the laser fiber has to be checked for cracks or broken sections through our special laser fiber scope and in house equipment. When sending in the damaged Laser Fiber, please ensure you send in all parts of the Fiber. In any case if the connector head is dislodged, please put it in a bag and send it together with the Laser Fiber for repair. We will also pay special attention to Laser Fiber which are melted through the protective tubing.

Laser Fiber Repair ST600F Process

After checking, we will inform our customers about the repair cost. After confirmation, we will then proceed with terminating the Laser Fiber connector head and replacing with a new connector head.  The laser stage of Laser Fiber Repair would be checking and testing the repaired Laser Fiber.

At our facility, we have checking and testing machines for all Laser Fibers. We ensure that all Laser Fibers are checked before shipping to our customers. It is very important that the fibers are tested to