April 7, 2016

Laser Fiber

Our company offers fiber repair services for many high power laser delivery systems.

We manufacture large core optical fibers most suitable for various types of laser transmissions, and originally developed connectors, therefore we are able to offer laser guides for both low and high outputs according to customer’s requirement.

Laser processing machine, laser welding machine, laser scribbing, laser peening, laser marker, laser repair, medical laser equipment

Laser Fibres are considered disposables and are not covered by most service contracts or purchase warranty. Pricing of replacement fiber assemblies range and can be in the thousands.

Having your fiber repaired can lower your operating cost. After refurbishing, laser fibre will last just as long as a new replacement.

High Power Connector D80

Laser Fiber repair design and manufacture the D80 connector for high power

Air Gap / Sapphire chip

Please contact us or send it in your fibre for a free quote.

Laser Fibre Size Length Connector Type Standard Colour
300 micron 3m/ 5m/ Others D80 compatible Green
400 micron 3m/ 5m/ Others D80 compatible
600 micron 3m/ 5m/ Others D80 compatible
800 micron 3m/ 5m/ Others D80 compatible
Other sizes Please Enquire Please Enquire