Jewelry Laser Fibre

Using Jewelry Laser Fibre in chain making

In the recent years, jewelry chain manufacturers are switching to fibre lasers integrated with automatic chain making machines to produce chains as small as 0.2mm wire size. These chains are manufactured in gold wire ranging from 8K to 14K and in all types of length.

Once the gold wires are fed into the automatic jewelry chain making machine, the machine twist and forms links to create a chain. The Jewelry chain is then simultaneously welded by a fibre laser as it is produced. Fibre lasers are becoming very popular in chain production because it reduces the time taken to make a complete chain. Gold Technic has our own manufacturing facility in Singapore to process and produce new Jewelery Laser Fibre. We can assemble and produce new laser fibres as well as provide service for repair of damaged Jewelry laser welding fibres.

Jewelery laser fibre sizes used in manufacturing range from 200 micron to 600 micron. 600 micron fibres are the most common type of Jewellery laser fibre. It is an ideal size to work with and very popular among fibre laser users. The lifespan of Jewelry laser fibre very much depend on the environment and the operator. We will touch on this topic in our next article.

Laser taking over in chain making

Using laser fibre has also many advantages. The chain is not stained because the welding mark is almost unseen by the naked eye. The welding spot is also very accurate and there is very low possibility that the fibre laser can miss a spot. There is very low chance that the chain will become loose or defect due to un-weld links.